Live at Element Studios

by Teach Me Equals

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Heavy winds point spectral fingers where no one remembers / recounting over brown bag lunches and in the trenches / when little whims birth psychic powers that tread on like iron / still many yet could stand to wonder those words from elders / but who could find the words to say those hardships yield the finest clay use your knife / be polite / wait your turn / stay in line place your bets on this lost cause / rest your head in this lost world
A masterpiece of cracked paint / thus far saved by cloth’s decay / you know you feel too much when only your heart breaks / so blow your mind on make believe / fondle every hair you can lay / just to show how lifelike they can be made to ache with both backs turned and thoughts unread / they’ll mourn the loss with other men / with sighs a fitting farewell for a little death so turn a cheek and mouth (dear) / when you hit your peak I hope to feel / as the crow flies over barren fields / you’re thinking of me, you’re thinking of me / when the music they play on cloud nine / isn’t in a key you like / I’ll laugh so hard I’ll cry
Walked in, soaking, hungry, hunting / gaze locked, molten, unrelenting / pull the shades down, draw the curtains / your move, my turn, I win, you learn / oh.. past lives haunting your breath, my skin / no light, all in, almost nothing / oh…
It feels like summer’s always a ways away / will you be taller? will you love me the same? / I wrote you letters but threw them all away / it feels like summer’s always a ways away
See the bad man on the front page / read about him and his mistakes / got the facts wrong, silly puppet / put a big dent in the budget / got accounts owed, bite the bullet / roll your sleeves up to the elbows / grab the layman by the collar / sign the contract, get the bill passed / ‘cause the bank knows all the loopholes / all the dust lies through the vault door / all the numbers in the paper aren’t enough to pay the reaper see the red rise, hear the man pound / on the counter ‘til you break down / just a moment, tough decision / do or die now, better listen / cut the grass or pay the fine, girl / start the chainsaw, hone the crosshairs / get acquainted with the system / it’s the law here, don’t resist it / got a complaint, see the red ink / you ain’t worthy of a damn cent / you’re a failure, you’re a letdown / give the keys back with the apron / quit your cryin’, better swing hard / make them feel small with your big words / use a set jaw like a bulldog / eat your dinner or you’ll get more more where that came from


released January 27, 2014

Recorded in October 2013 at Element Recordings in Kansas City, MO by Joel Nanos. Special thanks to Jodie Platz, Clinton Martins, and Not A Planet.


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Teach Me Equals Olympia, Washington

Formed in 2011, Teach Me Equals is Greg Bortnichak (cello, sequencing, vocals) and Erin Murphy (guitar, violin, vocals).

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